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Tue, 3rd of September


Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells

Backstage, Pier59

photo by aaron stern

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Tue, 3rd of September
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Tue, 3rd of September


Rinko being asked what it was like to be the only girl on set


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Tue, 3rd of September
Tue, 3rd of September
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Tue, 3rd of September

Cillian Reads Yeats - Cillian Murphy

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A few years ago Cillian’s school Presentation Brothers College kicked off a poetry project to raise funds for Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind. The school asked public figures to choose a poem that impacted them in some way in their life and record it for a compilation book/cd. Cillian kicked off the project in May 2011 with this amazing reading of Yeats’ “To a Friend Whose Work has Come to Nothing” + his intro about the poem’s importance in his life. (X)

"This is a poem called: ‘To a friend whose work has come to nothing" by W.B. Yeats. I came across this poem when I was in my mid- to late- teens, and we were studying Yeats in school. I bought a book of his poetry and this poem was one that I returned to a lot, during the roller-coaster years of being a teenager, when things are very trying, and you get hugely depressed, and then you’re grand again. This poem used to resonate with me because I liked the way Yeats reassured you about that time, about trying stuff and stuff not working, but just having strength, and finding a quiet space to pull yourself together. So, that’s really what it means. Naturally, given that it’s Yeats, it’s beautiful."

Now all the truth is out,
Be secret and take defeat
From any brazen throat,
For how can you compete,
Being honour bred, with one
Who, were it proved he lies,
Were neither shamed in his own
Nor in his neighbours’ eyes?
Bred to a harder thing
Than Triumph, turn away
And like a laughing string
Whereon mad fingers play
Amid a place of stone,
Be secret and exult,
Because of all things known
That is most difficult.

(The photo’s from the Mayday Mullagh arts gathering, held the same week the recording was made)

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Tue, 3rd of September

New polaroid from the Trekstock shoot (x)

Tue, 3rd of September
❝ Look to the sky. You will not find answers there, but you will certainly see what everyone is screaming about. ❞
—   Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 30 - Dana (via nightvalequotes)   —
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Tue, 3rd of September


The True Alpha, everyone.

Mon, 2nd of September
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Mon, 2nd of September

'A Highland Beauty' Manuela Frey photographed by Emma Tempest for Exit Magazine Spring/Summer 2013 

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Mon, 2nd of September

zayn + drawing

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Mon, 2nd of September
Mon, 2nd of September
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Mon, 2nd of September
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